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Ready to create sustainable growth and impact?

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Rivexe Mission Statement
Xanthe Rivett

Rivexe acts as a trusted partner to help business and organisations create sustainable growth and impact. We put strategy before tactics to get results, aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Principal consultant, Xanthe Rivett has worked with not for profits, social enterprise and businesses to get consistent growth and results. As a certified Scale Architect she knows that deep in the heart of every leader is the desire to see your organisation grow. It doesn’t matter how crazy things are today, you know there is so much more. You have a vision for a greater future – let’s help you unlock it. Read on…

Stategic marketing

Strategic Marketing

We know that aligning your marketing through clear objectives and goal setting, then taking focused action creates significant results.

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Training and Workshops

Learn how to create sustainable growth and impact. Through our training and workshops

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Marketing Coaching

Marketing Coaching

Our customers are business owners with a vision that want to make smart marketing decisions to focus their time and efforts.

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AI Training and workshops

Ready to harness the AI opportunity for your business and marketing? Join one of our AI workshops or reach out to us for a tailored training session or workshop for your team.

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Grow your positive impact

We help organisations and businesses grow their positive impact through coaching, training and consulting.

We put strategy before tactics to create results
Clarity, focus and purpose is achieved with a Vision, Mission and Values

Strategic marketing and communications that deliver results

Connect with your audience through strategic marketing and communications to create results.

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