Special event: AI in your business and marketingLooking to understand more about AI and your business marketing? 

Business leaders have a lot to juggle, and over the last 12months ‘understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ got added to the list. Or, perhaps more accurately ‘understanding what AI opportunities there are and how to implement them’.

Every day we help our clients take advantage of emerging opportunities and implement them strategically. It is core to what we do. This includes helping business leaders and owners tackle the AI elephant one bite at a time.

Why? Because to create sustainable growth and impact you need to do more with less and put outcomes over effort, working strategically to create results. This is especially important in your marketing.

Taking a strategic approach means we don’t go chasing the latest bright, shiny tactics or rabbit holes. We focus on understanding your goals and then setting out a strategy for how to get there. Tackling AI and understanding where the opportunities are is no different. If you implement AI incorrectly you may find yourself simply going faster in the wrong direction, which benefits no one. The same as any new technology there are challenges and pitfalls to navigate if you are going to get the most benefit out of it.

The workshop we recently held for Mornington Peninsula Shire as part of the Small Business Festival ‘Introduction to AI and is applications in small business marketing’ was a great opportunity for us to take some of the resources, tools, tips and frameworks we’ve been using and teach them to a room of business leaders. The insights and conversations were fantastic!

It also highlighted that:

  • there’s truly no ‘one size fits all’ approach to how AI can benefit your business.
  • every business needs to understand what AI is and where it can best be utilised to improve their marketing; then implement.
  • Just like the web has transformed business, AI will too, but at a much faster pace.

It was really fantastic was to see a room of business leaders and owners leave with a better understanding of the realities, challenges and opportunities that AI is presenting.

We know there were people that were keen to come but couldn’t attend in person, so we are going to hold this as a FREE online event at the start of September!

We are also launching a special 6-week course, designed to specifically help overwhelmed business owners and leaders tackle the AI elephant one bite at a time!

Here’s what we are hoping to achieve with the new courses:

AI and business marketing course goals:

  • Ethical AI Adoption: Enable small businesses, social enterprise and not for profits to understand and incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in an ethical and responsible manner.
  • Empower: Equip participants with the knowledge and tools to effectively utilise AI to enhance their marketing strategies, boost productivity, and drive sustainable growth.
  • Sustainable Impact: Assist mission and vision led businesses, social enterprise and not for profit to creating lasting positive impact by improving their strategy, operations and marketing through AI-driven initiatives.
  • Connect and Engagement: Foster a collaborative environment where businesses can learn from each other’s experiences, challenges, and successes in adopting AI.

And, when each participant joins the course, we will give back through B1G1 to create positive impact.

What will you learn in the AI and business marketing course?

Our workshop series is designed to empower small businesses, not-for-profits, and social enterprises with the knowledge and tools needed to integrate AI strategically, ethically and responsibly. AI helps you get things done quickly… but going fast in the wrong direction is of no benefit to you or your business!

Whether you’re focused on growth or social impact, our workshops offer valuable benefits:

  • AI Adoption: Gain insights into ethical AI implementation, ensuring you align with responsible practices while harnessing AI’s potential.
  • Strategic AI Marketing Insights: Discover how AI-driven analytics can help make your marketing more strategic, enabling you to connect with your target audience more effectively and achieve higher engagement rates.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: Learn to streamline by automating tasks. Free up valuable resources to focus on high value tasks and creating a lasting impact.
  • Collaborative Learning: Engage with a diverse community of business owners, not-for-profit leaders, and social entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and collectively drive and implement  AI, learning from each other’s real world experiences.
  • Practical Implementation: Receive guidance and resources to navigate the journey from AI basics to implementation that drives results.

If this sounds interesting, get in touch to join us in this AI and your business marketing workshop series. Together, we’ll navigate AI and improve your marketing, efficiency and impact!