Create more connectionsBeing able to consistently generate connections and convert them into customers, supporters or collaborators is essential for a profitable and sustainable business or organisation.

And we are all inundated with noise from gurus and sales people promising you the latest, greatest shiny tactics, tech or opportunities that will:

=>10x your revenue or

=> increase your customers by 500% and

=> any other promise they can dream of.

In fact, often small businesses are targeted with marketing that seems like ‘the biggest promise wins’, regardless of whether they can deliver on that promise.

The challenge is that the people making those promises of dream outcomes aren’t necessarily taking the time to understand your business, where you’re at and what’s going to work in your situation.

We do things a little differently.

We create strong foundations, using time-tested and proven frameworks, to create resilient businesses.

In our Kickstart Marketing Program, we show you how we do this, so you can implement in your business or organisation.

This helps you grow a sustainable profitable business that creates more positive impact.

The Kickstart Marketing Program and coaching is designed to teach business owners and leaders the tried and tested essentials to grow a sustainable business that creates positive impact.

We show you what we use in our own (and our client’s) businesses, so that you can make the right decisions for your business.

If you want to learn what works, use the right tools, and have professional help along the way find out how we can help.

Simply book a call today.

We offer a 20-min, no-obligation, no sales, free call.

Why? It’s part of our goal to work with 500 like-minded businesses each year to help achieve sustainable growth and impact.


Don’t just take our word for it…

“Thanks so much for your time, energy and skills!!”

Mark Thomson

“Thanks so much for the expertise and guidance, great response to the improvements!”

George Thomas

“Thank you for once again sharing your knowledge with me, I have learnt so much”


Ready for a marketing kickstart?

Kickstart Marketing Program

Our Kickstart Marketing program is designed for professionals, consultants and business leaders who want to grow their businesses and reach more customers.