Understand and tap into digital marketing opportunities by building your understanding of current digital strategies to reach and connect with more customers online.

This workshop focuses on:

  • Essentials to create and grow your online presence
  • Reaching and connecting with more customers online
  • Proven strategies to streamline and improve

Feel stretched for time? We’ll look at ways to simplify digital marketing and put some of it on autopilot.

Feel overwhelmed and confused by digital? We’ll keep it simple and straightforward.

Not sure if you have it right? We’ll send you a free digital health check to complete ahead of the workshop.

What the workshop will cover:

  • Foundations of a strong online presence
  • Connect and engage with more customers online
  • Costs of an online presence
  • Managing digital yourself or getting help
    • Where to get help to grow your online presence
    • Grants for development and building digital capability and capacity.
  • Simple, proven strategies and examples for social enterprises
  • Digital tasks you can put on auto-pilot

Digital can be complex; we’ll make it simple.

Digital marketing has evolved. The tools to reach and engage with your customers are more accessible than ever. You can

  • reach more people,
  • get a deeper understanding of your audience and
  • streamline (or even automate) what you do online.

Your business and organisation can tap into these opportunities by building your understanding of digital.

An online presence has been a vital element of promoting organisations and connecting with customers for over 20 years.

  • It is now an expectation that people can find and interact with you online.
  • It builds your brand and credibility
  • It can be a sales, customer service and marketing hub

Customers are looking to connect and engage with you online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They expect to be able to access a usable and useful website that allows them to get in touch with you how they want. This presents challenges and opportunities for businesses and organisations.

Building a good online presence means that when people are searching, you can be found.

Search engine optimisation remains a mainstay of digital marketing but what else does your organisation need?

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