Digital marketing coaching

Build digital marketing skills in your business with a digital expert.

Rivexe Digital provides expert digital marketing coaching. Advice, support, strategy and guidance to connect with more customers through digital marketing.

Digital marketing coaching

What you get

Digital marketing coach strategy

Digital marketing expertise

Rivexe Digital Marketing coaching provides you with expert guidance on your digital marketing strategy. No more chasing the latest ‘shiny’ digital marketing tactic. Align your digital marketing strategy with the outcomes you want.

Digital essentials workshop

Tailored to your team

Want to build the skills of a key team or team members?

Rivexe digital marketing coaching works to build the skills you want in your business team.

Support and guidance

How much time does your team spend on Google, YouTube or social media looking for answers?

Regular support and guidance sessions helps your team stay focused and on track.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Thanks so much for your time, energy and skills!!”

Mark Thomson

“Thanks so much for the expertise and guidance, great response to the improvements!”

George Thomas

“Thank you for once again sharing your knowledge with me, I have learnt so much”


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Why digital marketing coaching?

Digital marketing coaching helps your business engage and connect with more customers online. New digital marketing trends, innovation and tactics are being introduced everyday. Confusion can lead to unfocused efforts, and poor outcomes. We align our digital marketing coaching with your business objectives and desired outcomes. Let us help you navigate the digital marketingpraesent malesuada landscape.

Most business owners understand the need for digital marketing and how it helps grow leads and sales. Yet, they’re not getting the result they want. They may have worked with agencies in the past and left feeling they needed a better strategy, rather than an adhoc approach. A digital campaign takes many elements and investment of time and energy. Building skills and capability in your team, with a digital marketing expert working alongside, saves time, effort and money.