End of year planning

End of financial year planning, reports and insights

The end of the financial year is a time of evaluation, planning and reporting.

  • What projects are underway?
  • What do you need to get started?
  • What training and professional development is needed in the next 12mths?

Here’s some suggestions to look at during this period of planning and reporting:

  • Marketing budgets – have you got the balance right? What worked, what didn’t, what to stop and what to keep doing?
  • Websites and customer experience – What could or needs to be improved over the next 12mths? Are there key projects? Is it time for an audit and a strategic plan?
  • Marketing automation – two words that don’t enter a lot of people’s thoughts until they discover the power of automating low value tasks and the benefits to customer experience and the return on investment it can bring.
  • Artificial intelligence – will you be investing in building your organisation’s capabilities?