Website usability – your customers first impression goes beyond the look and feel of your website.

What’s website usability?

Usability is a way to measure whether your website delivers a good experience.

People expect it to be simple and seamless interacting with you online. If its too hard, they leave.

A poor user experience impacts the first iWebsite usability - Create a great experience for your customers online.mpression your make and your search engine rankings. A great user experience is an opportunity to have the competitive edge.

Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400 percent. (Source: Forrester)

Look and feel is important. The:

  • visual impact of your website,
  • how your brand, products and services are represented,
    the atmosphere created

are crucial to the first impression made when a potential customer, partner or stakeholder visits your website.

There are other factors that maybe less obvious.

“Google quarantines around 10,000 suspicious websites every day and puts them on a Google blacklist. –

If your website has been hacked – you may not know it. But, Google, other search engines and anti-virus companies then mark the website as ‘not secure to visit.’ Good website hosting can make a difference, they will alert you if there’s an issue.

Check your website usability

Simple usability and accessibility issues are barriers to people visiting your website.

You can check usability on your website. If you would like help getting your site optimised, please get in touch.

  • Website load time – a slow website impacts usability and search optimisation. You can check your site’s speed using Google’s speed test or GT Metrix.
  • Mobile friendly – this is also called ‘responsive design’ it means your website works regardless of the size of screen or type of device is used to visit it. You can check your site is mobile friendly using Google’s Mobile Friendly test.
  • Easy to read – simple language is essential. In Australia about 44% of adults read at literacy level 1 to 2 (a low level). Make your words count! Readability can be measured using the Hemingway App.
  • Simple to use – when someone visits your website, they start somewhere and end somewhere. The path they take is called the ‘customer journey’. The simplest and most intuitive path is the best. Usability testing is one way to check this (watching real people use your website), along with incorporate best practice web design.
  • Error free – we all want to visit a website that works, doesn’t result in dead ends or has broken links and images. Usability testing or tools such as SEM Rush can help you identify and fix errors in your website.
  • Safe and secure – If a browser considers your site ‘unsafe’ visitors will receive a message warning them not to visit your website.. You can check Google’s Safe Browsing status to see whether your website is considered safe. If you think your site may have been hacked, use Sucuri to check for website security and malware.
  • Accessible – Check you aren’t turning people away at the front door by putting barriers in their way. Check your site accessibility using WAVE (web accessibility evaluation tool).

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