Grow Strong Program

Grow Strong Marketing Program

Ready to give your business / organisation strong foundations?

Want to be more visible and connect with more customers?

Grow Strong is for you.

Work with us 1:1 over 3 to 6 months to create more impact through strategic marketing that aligns with your vision and mission.

We will design and execute your marking strategy, using the 6 key pillars of strategic marketing.

About the Grow Strong Program

The ‘Grow Strong’ program has been developed by the Rivexe team to give your business strong marketing foundations.

It’s ideal for business owners and leaders that are ready to increase their marketing and take their business or organisation to the next level.

We know that aligning your work through clear objectives and goal setting, then taking focused action creates significant results. Based on six strategic marketing pillars, aligned with the 7 business lifecycle stages we use tried and tested business, marketing and leadership frameworks, combined with innovative and modern marketing methods.

We implement together and build your marketing capability so that you can grow strong.

We put strategy before tactics to create results

Some of our customers

Why having a Vision, Mission, and Values Matter:

  • Clarity: Clearly defined vision, mission, and values provide a roadmap for your business, guiding decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Alignment: Ensure that every aspect of your marketing strategy resonates with your core beliefs, enhancing brand consistency and integrity.
  • Differentiation: Stand out in a crowded market by showcasing what makes your business unique and what you stand for.
Kindred Spirit Enterprises
Frankston Social Enterprise Hub
Mornington Botanical Rose Gardens

Marketing and business challenges:

  • Complexity of marketing options, platforms and channels.
  • Being seen – getting new leads, customers and supporters.
  • Where to start.
  • Conflicting advice from the ‘gurus’.
  • Relying on agencies is expensive, and you’re not ready for that just yet.

Benefits of the Grow Strong Marketing Program

  • Outcomes over effort – Strategy built in – we work with you to take focused action that puts outcomes over effort.
  • Get visible, get seen and get results – Build your capability and understanding. We’ll show you how you can take control of your marketing to get results.
  • Strategic advice, tailored to your situation and business –  Take action with, and guided by a marketing expert who’s customers say things like “Thank you, this wouldn’t have been possible without you”
Xanthe Rivett

Rivexe acts as a trusted partner to help business and organisations create sustainable growth and impact. We put strategy before tactics to get results, aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Principal consultant, Xanthe Rivett has worked with not for profits, social enterprise and businesses to get consistent growth and results. As a certified Scale Architect she knows that deep in the heart of every leader is the desire to see your organisation grow. It doesn’t matter how crazy things are today, you know there is so much more. You have a vision for a greater future – let’s help you unlock it. Read on…

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Thanks so much for your time, energy and skills!!”

Mark Thomson

“Thanks so much for the expertise and guidance, great response to the improvements!”

George Thomas

“Thank you for once again sharing your knowledge with me, I have learnt so much”


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