Build your strategic marketing and digital capability through grants.

Successful businesses, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisation’s all know strategic marketing and digital capability plays a critical role in sustainable growth and maximising their impact.

But, did you know that you can leverage grants to build your strategic marketing and digital capability?

A little story…

We often help organisations, social enterprises and a business (us!) be successful in using grants to build their capability.

Last year, we also applied for grants, funding and support to accelerate OUR growth.

We know there is a strong business case for strategic marketing and improved digital capability in ANY business or organisation.

Through Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Business Development grant, we were able to improve our capabilities and help more people, organisations, social enterprises and businesses!

So, thank you Mornington Peninsula Shire. Applications are now open for this year’s grants. So, why not check them out?

For many organisations, accessing the necessary financial resources to invest in marketing and digital initiatives can be challenging. While the business case for marketing automation and digital marketing is strong. It requires an upfront investment and takes time to see a return on that investment.

Grants are a valuable solution, providing much-needed support to fuel growth and drive positive change.

What grants are available for small businesses and organisations to help build strategic marketing and digital capability?

Finding and applying for grants is a time-consuming business. Here are some resources to help:

Your council / local government grants: We recommend you start with your local council, not just to apply direct to their grant programs, but because they often provide assistance in the form of grant writing workshops and access to ‘grant finder’ platforms.

State government ‘Business’ team: Your state government likely also has a range of grants and / or access to grant finding programs. For example here is Business Victoria’s grants page.

Not for profit specific grants: If you are a social enterprise or not for profit there are specific grants that can help you, such as the Google Ad Grant in addition to a range of discounts for not for profits that are creating positive impact.

Top Tip: Apply for grants that align with what you currently plan to do. There’s little point in getting a grant to implement a new CRM, or re-design your website if you do not have the need.

Interested in understanding some of the opportunities? Book a call with us if you are interested in applying for grants but aren’t sure what you need to improve your strategic marketing and digital capability.

What are some of the benefits that grants offer to businesses, social enterprises, and not-for-profit organisations with a focus on marketing and digital capability?

Innovation and growth

Grants provide an opportunity for organisations to consider how they can use marketing and digital technologies to improve their operations, connect with more people and create a better experience for their customers. The injection of financial resources allows them to explore cutting-edge tools, platforms, and methodologies that could otherwise be beyond their reach.

Enhancing outreach and visibility
Marketing is the backbone of any organisation’s success, regardless of its mission. With the support of grants, organisations can improve their visibility and outreach efforts while also automating components to reduce ongoing effort.

Bridging the Digital Divide
We live in an increasingly digital world, many businesses and organisations struggle to keep up with technological advancements. This creates a digital divide that simly keeps growing, and can lead to staff also facing this divide – personally and professionally. Grants specifically focused on digital capability enable you to invest in training programs, digital infrastructure, and the latest software and hardware. By building digital capacity, organisations can optimise operations, enhance customer experiences, and grow their impact.

In conclusion, grants can be a powerful catalyst for empowering businesses, social enterprises, and not-for-profit organisations with the resources they need to enhance their strategic marketing and digital capabilities.

The transformative benefits of grants range from fostering innovation and growth to strengthening social impact and enabling long-term sustainability.

By bridging financial gaps and encouraging collaboration, grants serve as a vital support system for organizations striving to make a positive difference in the world.

As we move towards an increasingly digital future, the importance of grants in driving marketing and digital capability becomes even more apparent, offering organisations the means to thrive and achieve their goals in an ever-changing landscape.