Make life simpler with social media automation and get better results with less time

Social media automation isn’t JUST about putting your social media on autopilot. It also optimises your social media to get better results for less effort. 

We’ve managed a LOT of social media over the years, including:

  • Setting up and managing the Migaloo the White Whale Facebook page to grow it to 10k followers in its first year.
  • Setting up and managing social media profiles for local government, marine conservation campaigns and businesses.
  • Implementing a range of social media management platforms.
  • Drafting and putting in place social media policy and procedure for local government.
  • Managing emergency communications on social media.
  • International influencer campaigns, coordinated across multiple organisations and accounts to create amplified messages and calls to action.

A few things we know:

  • Social media can take a lot of TIME. That’s time away from other marketing activities.
  • Social media posts can go wrong. Tone of voice is crucial and a second set of eyes really helps.
  • Evergreen social media content that get’s re-purposed saves you time.
  • Implementing the right social media management tool for your business / organisation is important. There’s no ‘one size fits all’. What platform we use for Rivexe (Social Bee) isn’t necessarily the right choice for you. Once you have it setup, content loaded and you have learned the platform – you don’t want to migrate. Measure twice, cut once!
  • Measuring what’s working let’s you do more of it and get better
  • Social media automation can also help your SEO and customer experience.
  • Social media platforms keep getting smarter.

Get social media automation setup

First, choose the right platform.

It will come down to:

  • Features you want / need
  • Budget
  • Complexity of your social media management (number of platforms, users and accounts)
  • What technology you want to use it with (i.e. Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, other sales and marekting platforms / CRMs).

There’s other items, but these are core. The first one: features (otherwise known as ‘requirements’) are key. Some social media management platforms have their own ‘university’ associated with them so that you can learn the platform – they are that complex and feature rich. Others are simple, straight forward and get you up and running in no time, but may lack some other features you value such as strong reporting, approval workflows and a good user structure.

If you handle a lot of repetitive customer enquiries through direct messages on social media, some replies can also be automated (warning, do this well to avoid a #botfail)

We’ve put together requirements, researched platforms and handled implementations many times. If you want to save yourself the headache (and time), we’re here to help.

Second, plan and migrate (or create) your social media content.

Social media automation, doesn’t include content creation. You will still need to do that part! Tools such as Canva are designed to make your life easier on that front. Setting up a 12-month content plan also helps.

Dedicate time to getting the platform setup, training to make sure you get the most out of the platform and schedule monthly ‘content creation’ sessions to top up the automation with fresh content.

I thought you said social media automation makes life simpler?

It does, any platform or tool is an investment. You are buying it to get results. Doing your research and investing wisely will get you great results and outcomes, rather than randomly picking a flop because it sounded good or had a slick sales page.

It will also save you the pain of having to go through the process again, or simply living with a tool that doesn’t do what you need it to and costs you in time, energy and frustration.

The outcome of good social media automation is better results with less time over the long term.