Why have a pitch deck?A pitch or marketing deck is a great tool for teams, businesses and organisations. So, what is a pitch deck and why do you need one?

Pitch decks can help communicate your value and your why – what problems do you solve for people and why should they choose you?

  • Pitch decks for teams – Time and time again we see teams and organisations doing incredible work.  Yet often that great work goes unnoticed or unrecognised. Sound familiar? Or, perhaps you are looking for a way to bring the team together and create a cohesive vision for the future that you can use to communicate what you do?
  • Pitch decks for awards or attract funding and sponsorship – Pitch decks can be used to put your best foot forward in award submissions, grant applications, to attract sponsorship or in funding conversations

What is a pitch deck?

Essentially it is a presentation style document used to unite the team / organisation behind clear messaging and so you can articulate the deeper ‘why’. This can include the problems your solve and the outcomes you create.

It’s always a satisfying process. The team comes together, we brainstorm, there are a few ‘aha moments’ we get clear on the messaging. And, it’s even more satisfying when we see these decks help secure: funding, awards, and buy-in from key stakeholders (internal and external).

Pitch decks aren’t just for startups.

The startup world made pitch decks famous. From Facebook to AirBnB, there are many examples of businesses and not for profits that have used pitch decks on their journey.

Not everyone can be the next tech unicorn, but pitch decks can help businesses, not for profits and social enterprises put their best foot forward.

For teams and projects it can be a great collaboration exercise to come together and agree on a shared vision that is articulated through a pitch deck. And, this can be used in multiple ways from getting buy in from internal stakeholders to going for awards and inducting new team members.

Why have a pitch deck?

As a strategic marketing consultancy we focus on enabling customers to communicate clearly and focus their messaging.

We help businesses and organisations create powerful pitch decks.

Pitch decks enable teams and organisations to:

  • Unite behind clear messaging and be able to articulate the deeper ‘why’.
  • Get buy-in from key decision-makers (internal and external).
  • Support grant applications, funding conversations and award submissions.

Having an excellent idea is great, if you are unable to clearly communicate it – it remains just that – an idea.

By investing in a pitch deck you get the opportunity to create a lasting document that clearly articulates what you do, the problems you solve, the outcomes you deliver and more.

To date our documents have been used in award submissions, tender submissions, and to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding. We cannot guarantee results, but we can provide a tool that we know enables results.

What’s the process to create a pitch deck?

There’s no one way to create a pitch deck, but if you are working with us, it all starts with a phone call. We get on the phone or a Zoom and discuss what your the primary purpose and needs.

A pitch deck isn’t an isolated asset in your toolkit, it reflects your vision, mission and values and articulates your deeper why. If you haven’t worked on developing this, we can help with workshops to get really clear – and back this with research into your market and industry.

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