Responsible AI for your business and marketingResponsible AI – what does it even mean?

Do you look at the phrase and think ‘there’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one?’.

We’ve trained and provided advice to over 100 businesses, not for profits and local governments on the balancing act of embracing the AI opportunity and taking a ‘responsible AI’ approach.

They’ve shared insights, use cases, challenges and where they see the opportunities.

Now, organisations are seeing the opportunity to train and build capability in their staff. This allows for an organisational approach to how they use AI – which is great to see and kudos to those organisations leading the charge.

In our recent surveys and workshops the challenges of data privacy, IP, cyber security and taking an ethical approach continue to be recurring themes.

Did you know Australia now has a Responsible AI framework?

All organisations can now evaluate both the AI opportunities and how they use AI against the framework (which provides useful guiding principles for responsible AI adoption).

We have included a simplified view of it in our AI toolkit.

The AI toolkit for your business and marketing has been designed to save you TIME and help you identify the opportunities.

It includes our AI playbook (beta version) plus tools, platforms and important resources.

OR, you can find the full Australian Responsible AI framework here

Australian Responsible AI Principles at a glance:

  • Human, societal and environmental wellbeing
  • Human-centred values
  • Fairness
  • Privacy protection and security
  • Reliability and safety
  • Transparency and explainability
  • Contestability
  • Accountability

Our founder and principal consultant Xanthe has been helping businesses and organisations build capabilities and leverage digital for marketing and customer experience for well over a decade. Whether that’s website design, platform implementation, marketing automation, digital experience design or evaluating opportunities and priorities as part of strategic planning.

Technology is a key enabler in your marketing, communications and engagement.

It creates innovation and opportunities plus – it’s fair to say – disruption / distraction.

Generative AI is the latest wave and it’s great to be in touch with the CSIRO’s National AI Centre who are leading the way in Australia. It’s worth keeping across their progress, such as:

  • Rolling out the National AI Standards
  • Developing Australia’s Responsible AI Framework
  • Ongoing resources for small and medium sized businesses and organsiations in Australia