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Can we be a little cheeky and ask for your thoughts?

It will take 30 seconds of your time.

We’ve included a ‘thank you’ (keep reading to learn more).

And, I know there are a tonne of other things on your ‘to do’ list, but I promise this is the least stressful and the easiest thing you will do all day!

We’re considering joining the podcast / webinar bandwagon this year.

Why on earth would we do that?

Well, 1) it’s good marketing and 2) it’s a great way to share powerful stories of people doing great work and getting great outcomes.

There’s a large movement of people, businesses and organisation making great change out there. Solving problems, that are worth solving. Changing the way business is done to include more environmental and social good. We want to help amplify those stories.

But, before we do, we’d love your thoughts.

What should we call it, and what would you like to hear? Have you launched a podcast? What worked, what didn’t? Do you have a story you’d like to share or for us to tell?

We’ve put together a super quick way to get your thoughts, it will really only take 30secs. None of those pesky * that make you fill in every field!


Doing good is good businessTo say ‘thank you’. Share your thoughts and create positive impact!

When you provide your feedback, we give 1 day of access to education on rainforest conservation through Health in Harmony and B1G1.

“Health in Harmony aims to educate children so they can become future leaders of Planetary Health. The program provides engaging, high-quality environmental education to primary schools and leadership opportunities for secondary school students.

A little bit of inspiration:

Going Beyond Ideas
“Being a changemaker isn’t just about having clever ideas. Lots of people have clever ideas. What sets them apart is an ability to take the ideas, fine-tune them and use them to bring about real, lasting change. It might be that they improve society, alleviate suffering, influence governments, revolutionise an industry or create a new trend.” – Paul Merril, CEO Magazine

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