SharePoint IntranetAre you getting the most out of SharePoint?

SharePoint is a modern, intelligent Intranet solution included with Microsoft 365.

It supports organisations to share and manage content internally. This enables:

  • Knowledge capture and sharing
  • Empowers teamwork,
  • Supports hybrid working
  • Teams can quickly find information, and
  • Collaborate across the organisation.

SharePoint is available through your Internet browser, tablet or mobile phone (dedicated SharePoint app). It’s a great way to keep document and content organised, build staff forms, publish internal news and collaborate on projects internally.

Rivexe Digital has experience:

  • designing Intranet solutions
  • delivering Intranet projects (discovery to launch)
  • training staff and teams in SharePoint Online to build internal capability.

This includes:

  • design, develop and launch a Councillor Portal
  • staff knowledgebase design and developement
  • Intranet design, development and launch

If you are considering a SharePoint project get in touch. We are happy to talk through whether its the right platform choice for your project.