Marketing CoachingSuccess Stories: Transformations Through Marketing Coaching

Marketing coaching is a powerful tool for businesses looking to refine and enhance their marketing.

There is a LOT to navigate and understand in the ever-changing landscape of modern marketing.

And, time is precious.

Marketing success is often the result of strategic planning, execution, and the ability to adapt to change.  

Marketing coaching is a powerful tool for businesses seeking to enhance their marketing efforts and achieve their goals. 

Watching our customers get focused, clear and take actions that deliver outcomes is incredibly gratifying.

In this post, we share example success stories from businesses that have experienced transformations through marketing coaching.

1. The Small Business That Soared Through Marketing Coaching

When we first met, this client was stressed and time poor. Their marketing was overtaking everything, and the overwhelm was real. In our first marketing strategy session it was clear this was a business with great people, products and a customer-centric focus. We agreed the way forward was a marketing strategy, followed by marketing coaching to implement the key priorities and actions.

A little about our marketing strategy for background. We sit down with our clients and undertake two workshops to work out: 

  • What’s working, what to do more of and identify clear opportunities for their marketing.
  • Then, we do a range of research and prepare the marketing strategy.
  • Together we agree and finalise the strategy, including the priorities and create an implementation plan, along with agreed positioning.

In other words, this isn’t a marketing strategy that will sit on a bookshelf and never get used. We actively work to implement it over the coming months.

At the three month review, the small business was soaring. The best part? The transformation from stressed and overwhelmed to confident, happy and focused. This business works with multiple agencies and manages an active marketing budget. They have built resilience into their marketing activities and continue to improve week in and week out, well on the way to achieving their objectives.

2. The Award-Winning Business That Found Time to Celebrate Their Success though marketing coaching.

This multi-award winning business is doing incredible things on many fronts and are leaders in their industry. Their biggest challenge? Time. In a fast-paced, competitive industry that requires constant adaptation they needed to streamline and improve their marketing. 

After completing a marketing strategy together, we set about implementing the priorities. These included: 

  • Semi-automating social media and using AI in their marketing processes and platforms
  • Improving their website to deliver an improved customer experience and celebrate their successes
  • Developing campaigns and content plans for their marketing to keep their customers and community engaged and reinforce their values.

With ongoing marketing coaching, we continue to streamline and improve their marketing. Keeping a keen eye on the metrics that matter to improve and refine their marketing efforts. They continue to win awards and grow their audience and revenue.

What is a marketing coach, how does it work?

A marketing coach is a marketing professional who provides guidance, support, and expertise to individuals or businesses to help them improve their marketing strategies and achieve their goals. 

Importantly – at Rivexe we work with customers to tailor our marketing and advice to your business.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to marketing. There are time-tested and proven frameworks that we combine with modern, innovative tactics, channels and platforms.

When we deliver marketing coaching with clients are first step is to identify their marketing challenges and goals, then we develop actionable plans. These offer actionable advice and focus amidst the very noisy world of marketing.

You will often hear us say ‘marketing options are limitless, but your resources are not’. 

We can help with various aspects of marketing, including branding, social media, content creation, advertising, email marketing, and analytics. 

Analytics is key – because ultimately knowing what’s working and being able to track and measure your success is essential.

Our marketing coaching is aligned to the specific needs and goals of our clients, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or boosting sales. By working with a marketing coach, businesses and individuals can gain clarity on their marketing efforts, make informed decisions, and ultimately achieve better results.

Marketing coach, marketing consultant or agency?

Marketing coaching can be combined with our marketing consulting work (i.e. the development of a strategy, branding, pitch decks, etc.).

While an agency will focus on the end to end components of implementing a campaign, managing your Google advertising or looking after your ecommerce site, a marketing consultant or coach often works with the business owners on key decisions, strategic approaches, and the overall direction of a business.

Many of our clients have marketing, web or lead generation agencies they work with, or that they bring onboard when a need is identified. Our clients also often have a business advisor or consultant they work with. For businesses and organisations in the early stages, or solopreneurs, they may be doing much of the marketing themselves in which case we focus on doing the activities that will give them the best outcomes.

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