Business Lifecycle stages in the Predictable Success modelIf you are a leader in any business or organisation – knowing what stage (in the 7 business lifecycle stages) you are in is key.

And, in larger organisations your business may be in one stage, while individual groups, teams or projects may be in other lifecycle stages.

Being able to recognise what stage you are in, and taking the action needed to chart the path is key.

Why? Because it pulls you out of the weeds, and allows you to ‘see around the corner’ to know what key actions to take next.

It’s key to your business and your marketing.

All businesses and organisations hit ‘rough patches’. These maybe caused by accelerated periods of growth, added complexity or that innovation seems to have disappeared and it’s simply not as ‘fun’ as it once was.

The less time you spend in the rough patch, the better.

So, what if there was a framework to help you navigate the stages of growth and get you to exactly where you want to be?

Welcome to the Predictable Success model. As you know, at Rivexe we use time-tested and proven models and frameworks rather than ‘re-inventing the wheel’. The Predictable Success Model, developed by Les McKeown lays out the seven stages every for-profit and nonprofit business goes through from its beginning to its end.

Our marketing strategies and strategic marketing coaching use the framework to enable our customers to navigate crucial stages and transitions.

Sustainable, profitable businesses and organisations are not a new invention. Thousands, if not millions of businesses and organisations have successfully navigated the path before. And, success leaves clues. As, does failure. So why not follow them and use the benefits of this wisdom in your business with a trusted framework?

Look, I get it. Being innovative and inventive, creative and dreaming big is fun. But falling into the trap of re-designing rather than drawing on proven frameworks can waste precious time and resources.

If you’d like to learn more about the 7 Business Lifecycle Stages of any organisation or business, and how you can use them to accelerate your growth. Get in touch or take the lifecycle stage quiz to determine where you, your team or organisation is at.

Business Lifecycle stages in the Predictable Success model

Which business lifecycle stage are you in?

Every organisation follows a predictable path through seven lifecycle stages.

The first step toward growth is identifying which stage your organisation is in and then choosing which stage you want to reach.

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