There’s a strong business case for digital transformation and marketing automation in ANY business or organisation.

Whether you are for profit, not for profit or for profit and purpose.

Digital transformation is a necessary element of modern business. And, it is not a once-off, but a continual process as:

‘Digital transformation’ may seem like a far-fetched buzz word used only in the halls of large corporates and government organisations, but it’s an important idea for businesses and organisations of ALL sizes. And, it’s not going away.

The reality is, we see many businesses and organisations struggling with this, and losing large sums of money, time and lost opportunities, simply because they aren’t calling it what it is.

They are trying to implement customer relationship software, marketing technology, digital engagement platforms, learning management systems, booking systems, Intranets, and project management software. They are leveraging digital to transform the way they work, and do things better. But the term ‘digital transformation’ seems to turn them away.

In fact, digital transformation has been the number one concern of Australian CEOs for the past three years, according to KPMG’s annual survey of the C-suite.

A McKinsey digital strategy report shows that nearly all organisations, whether traditional companies or startups, are reorienting their business models to be more digital as a direct result of the impact COVID-19 has had on changing consumer behaviours.

Well implemented, it can return as much as 20% extra revenue and 30% lower costs according to this BCG research into digital marketing maturity. Yes, at the time only 2% of businesses in the BCG research could be classified as ‘multi-moment’ marketers, with the rest fitting in earlier stages of digital maturity.

However, the right Digital Roadmap can:

  • Align with and contribute to your business objectives and be an integral part of your business model design
  • Implement the marketing and customer relations technology that promotes your products and services to relevant target audiences to generate sales and qualified leads.
  • Provide opportunities to streamline, strengthen and improve processes.

For organisations that improve their digital marketing maturity, and build their technical and organisational muscle, the results can be impressive. – BCG

Digital transformation – marketing automation ROI and profitability

Economic case: Marketing automation returns $5.44 over the first three years. Return on investment in 6mths through increased leads and sales, plus increased Customer Lifetime Value through marketing personalisation and improved follow-up processes.

Management case: Reduces the reliance on the business owner, by bringing in martech solutions and consultants to support and operate them. Introduces new expertise and capability to the organisation, and improves reporting.

Bringing in additional expertise to your organisation and defining your digital roadmap will provide additional capacity, accelerate the timeframe to see benefits and ROI, mitigate risks and increase chance of a successful implementation.

In research conducted on marketing automation in 2022:

  • 63% of those who implement marketing automation software expect to see benefits within 6 months
  • 44% who implement marketing automation software do see a return within 6 months
  • 31% struggle to prove marketing attribution and ROI

Sources: Marketing Automation Statistics: The Definitive List, Marketing trends 2022

Customer centricity and the digital roadmap

If you operate a customer-centric business which aims to:

  • understand their customers,
  • deliver value early,
  • nurture customer growth,
  • proactively engage customers and
  • better support and deliver value to customers over the long term

Then, marketing and customer relations technology is essential.


There is currently strong opportunity for innovative businesses and organisations to harness and leverage the opportunities provided by digital technology. A solid digital roadmap can place them well ahead in the competitive marketplace.