Website accessibility creates a usable and customer-friendly website.

After all, you wouldn’t put physical barriers or Survivor-style puzzle challenges in front of the physical doors of your business. So, why do it on your website?

  • At least one billion people – 15% of the world’s population – have a recognized disability. Source: WAI
  • There are over 1 million people living with a disability in Victoria: that’s around 20% of the population. Source: Vic Gov

Website accessibility applies to your website, your online content (including social media) and also any digital platforms your organisation uses.

Many organisations are waking up to the fact that embracing accessibility leads to multiple benefits – reducing legal risks, strengthening brand presence, improving customer experience and colleague productivity. Paul Smyth, Head of Digital Accessibility, Barclays

Websites that have been designed with accessibility in mind are:

  • easier for everyone to use
  • lead to a better customer experience
  • show that your business is inclusive and people-centred

As an added bonus, search engines (like Google) also value accessible websites. Read on to learn more about the SEO benefits of Accessibility.

Why website accessibility is good for business

According to the Web Accessibility Initiative, web accessibility can:

  • Drive Innovation: Accessibility features in products and services often solve unanticipated problems.
  • Enhance Your Brand: Diversity and inclusion efforts so important to business success are accelerated with a clear, well-integrated accessibility commitment.
  • Extend Market Reach: The global market of people with disabilities is over 1 billion people with a spending power of more than $6 trillion. Accessibility often improves the online experience for all users.
  • Minimize Legal Risk: Many countries have laws requiring digital accessibility, and the issue is of increased legal concern.

Website Accessibility Review

Our Website Accessibility Review will help you identify any areas of concern and provide recommendations on how to fix them.

We offer a free Website Accessibility Audit so that you can see what we do before committing to anything. And if you have any questions, our team is always available to answer them!

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Our aim is to ensure your website is accessible and usable by as many people as possible.