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A fresh approach to project briefs and requirements that helps get projects off  your ‘to do’ list.

Each week new ‘urgent and important’ work rolls in.

Key projects keep getting pushed down the list, as new work gets added to the pile. You were overloaded before, your team under the pump, now there’s a bigger pile.

You review the ‘to do’ list, revisit your priorities and keep pushing forward.

But, those projects are sitting in the back of your mind. It’s time to get help.

For busy teams and professionals, we can help by:

  • Writing your requirement and briefing documents
  • Holding a requirements workshop with key stakeholders
  • Writing business cases

Let’s get your project progressed


What we can do to get your projects moving:

  • Create the brief and requirements (including planning any stakeholder workshops and communications needed).
  • Prepare a business case (if needed for Exec. / Manager buy-in)
  • Reach out to consultants and agencies we know are capable / have a proven track record of the work and request quotes.
  • Onboard your chosen consultant to the project

What you get:

  • Projects easily outsourced when you are under the pump
  • A well written brief and requirements to reduce project risks
  • Projects delivered

We help organisations leverage digital innovation and technology to create better online experiences.

“Mornington Peninsula Shire needed a simple, easy to use Customer Service Knowledgebase to support our team. Xanthe made that happen.

The huge variety and number of topics, questions and queries we receive on a day to day basis made designing an elegant and sustainable solution essential.

The new knowledgebase helps us upskill staff quicker and helps the team serve customers with greater confidence and consistency.”

– Danielle Johnson, Customer Service Team Leader.

Danielle Johnson, Mornington Peninsula Shire

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