Reduce the overwhelm and understand the opportunity that AI brings to your business and marketing.


AI and your business marketing course

Tackle the AI elephant one bite at a time: understand the AI opportunity and use it to improve your marketing and reduce costs.

This AI and your business marketing course is designed to empower small businesses, not-for-profits, and social enterprises with the knowledge and tools needed to integrate AI strategically so they can improve their marketing and grow their impact.

Delivered as a series of weekly, 1hr online workshops over six-weeks. It includes:

  1. Getting hands on with Chat GPT: use cases and practical workshop.
  2. Using AI with Canva to simplify branding and improve brand consistency.
  3. AI and social media: regain time and get more results.
  4. Keeping the human in AI: Using AI to improve the customer experience while staying customer and people-focused.
  5. Implementing AI in your business and marketing, best practices and what tools?
  6. Going deeper on implementing AI in your business and marketing.


You will get:

  • Six live workshops
  • Tips and frameworks that will save you countless hours and $$$
  • Access to the recordings (in case you cannot make one)
  • Members only group for collaboration and implementation
  • AI toolkit and resources.

Who is this for?

Small businesses, not-for-profits, and social enterprises looking to create sustainable growth and impact that need to do more with less.

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Meet your trainer

Xanthe Rivett has delivered digital marketing and communications training for Frankston Social Enterprise Hub, Mornington Peninsula Shire, Westernport Chamber of Commerce and many others. With over a decade of experience managing digital marketing and communications for small to large organisations in this training she’ll share her experience and knowledge to help you understand the essentials of AI for your business and marketing.

Quickly get the knowledge you need about AI to connect with your audience and improve your marketing.

Whether you’re focused on growth or social impact, this course (delivered in a series of online workshops) offers valuable benefits:

  • AI Adoption: Gain insights into ethical AI implementation, ensuring you align with responsible practices while harnessing AI’s potential.
  • Strategic AI Marketing Insights: Discover how AI-driven analytics can help make your marketing more strategic, enabling you to connect with your target audience more effectively and achieve higher engagement rates.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: Learn to streamline by automating tasks. Free up valuable resources to focus on high value tasks and creating a lasting impact.
  • Collaborative Learning: Engage with a diverse community of business owners, not-for-profit leaders, and social entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and collectively drive and implement AI, learning from each other’s real world experiences.
  • Practical Implementation: Receive guidance and resources to navigate the journey from AI marketing and business basics to implementation that drives results.

We are part of the B1G1: Business for Good Initiative.

Business for Good

Any of this sound familiar?

You know you need to understand this ‘AI thing’ but as a business owner / leader its just another thing on the list.

  • Do you ever feel that you need a better understanding of SEO?

  • Have you felt like SEO is all too complex and you don’t have time to learn it?

  • Feel like SEO is another thing you ‘should’ know more about?

  • Have you seen other organisations and businesses be really visible on Google and wonder how they did it?

  • Do you feel unsure what resources / budget should you allocate to SEO?

  • Have you heard about new SEO strategies and tactics and SEO strategies and wondered what’s best?

If so, just know you’re not alone…

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AI is a BIG topic, and can be complex.

  • There’s a lot to learn about AI, but we will break it down to the essentials and keep it simple.
  • You don’t need to be an expert, but you do need to know the essentials of AI as a business leader.
  • Not understanding AI and it’s opportunities will become a bigger challenge the longer you leave it.
  • Investing in AI tools and platforms without a strategy will cost your time and money.

The good news…

We’ll make AI simple and show you how to use it effectively.

Learn about the opportunities, the latest tactics and how to implement it in your business

  • Access training packed with practical information and insights
  • Ongoing access to our AI toolkit of resources, links, case studies and guides.
  • When you purchase training with us – you create positive impact. Everyone that joins helps us create more impact.
Rivexe Digital

Thank you Xanthe at Rivexe Digital. You shared your expertise patiently with me with a structured and logical teaching and learning approach. I’m feeling much more confident now that Ill be able to use what I learned instead of paying someone else to do it or just putting it off until later – – – and later (like never.)

Mark, SUP Fit
Doing good is good business