Marketing Kickstart Program

Ready to improve your marketing?

We offer small group workshops with expert marketing advice.

Designed to enable businesses and organisations focused on positive impact to:

  • take a strategic approach to their marketing,
  • access a range of tools, templates and guides to help you implement.

Both online and face to options provide access to our online templates, guides and resources to help you implement.

Welcome to the Marketing Kickstart program!

  • Ready to improve your marketing? Learn what’s working in 2024.
  • Struggling to get consistent leads? Take a strategic approach to identify the opportunities.
  • Neet to connect with more customers? Discover time-tested and proven marketing frameworks.
  • Want to be more resilient? Ensure your marketing is built on strong foundations and designed for resilience.

We understand your challenges and we’re here to help.

It all starts with a 1:1 Strategic Marketing Session. Our quick application process will get you access to a Free 30-min Strategic Marketing Session with one of our advisors.

Some of our customers

Kindred Spirit Enterprises
Frankston Social Enterprise Hub
Mornington Botanical Rose Gardens

The Marketing Kickstart Program is designed to teach business owners and leaders the tried and tested essentials of marketing. The one’s that we use in our own and our client’s businesses, so that you can make the right decisions for your business.

What’s included:

  • 4 x 2hr online group sessions plus a 1:1 Implementation session.
  • Tools, templates and guides to implement, and get results.
  • Private community to share your wins, questions and get answers between sessions.

By the end of our time together you will:

  • Understand the priorities and opportunities for your business
  • Confidently make the right marketing decisions.
  • Understand what’s currently working, what’s not and where your energy and time is best focused.
  • Be supported to help you implement new marketing strategies
  • Have actionable steps to focus on tailored to your business.
Its simple. You take 5mins to share your business goals, your biggest challenges, and some background information. We'll give you strategic insights on where you can improve.

If you are:

  • feeling confused by the number of marketing options available and not sure where to focus your time and money.
  • know you need to connect with more customers and make more sales but not sure where to start?
  • sick of the overwhelming number of sales calls, pitches and adverts targeting you all with variations of “do this one thing and [insert miracle / promise here]’.

We hear you!

Stategic marketing

Strategic marketing

We believe that when your marketing reflects your mission and values, it resonates more deeply with your audience, building trust and fostering long-lasting relationships.

Our approach is centered on creating marketing strategies that not only elevate your brand but also amplify the good you bring to the world.

The good news…

We’ll make it simple and strategic.

We put strategy before tactics. We know that aligning your work through clear objectives and goal setting, then taking focused action creates significant results.

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